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Changing Roles

This week, I made the transition to a new team within my company.  It’s good to make a change every once in a while so that things don’t get stale.  I’ve heard it said that, as soon as you are so comfortable in your current role that you’re afraid to make a change – that’s when it’s time to try something new. 🙂

My new role is a bit more technical than my last and will give me more time to dig deeper into the latest .NET technologies out there.  I’m also going to be doing a bit more TFS administration. I’m looking forward to seeing how TFS works “under the hood” and be able to play around with all the cool new ALM features that are getting baked into the product.

I know I’ve been pretty lackadaisical lately with my posts.  To tell you the truth, I just wasn’t getting a lot of time to play with the tools, technologies and practices that this blog is all about, and I just didn’t have anything noteworthy to write about. With this new role change, I expect that will change.

Most of you have visited this blog for TFS-related content. Look for more of that (and other topics) to come!

EvoLving the Design

I decided to update the theme again.  The last one was getting a bit stale, and didn’t take advantage of a lot of the new WordPress features.  I had been considered styling my own for some time now, but just haven’t had the time.  Also, why spend the time designing my own look and feel when there are so many existing designs out there.

So my look isn’t original.  I can deal with that.  It gives me more time to spend on writing. 😛

Link: The Interview Question You Should Always Ask

I ran across this article today, written back in January 2009.  It definitely makes a lot of sense to me, and makes me reflect on co-workers of mine and which ones stand out among the rest.

What would be qualities to look for in a star IT professional?  Here are a few I can think of…

  • They like to read books, magazines or blogs.  This may indicate that they have an affinity for learning.  Apply this to technical articles, and this would make them valuable in helping guide your company toward researching and selecting new technologies or tools.
  • They’re curious about how things work (cars, electronics, etc.).  This indicates that they are analytical and may be good at analyzing designs or project code.

Anybody have any other ideas on what kinds of qualities or extra-curricular activities make up a star IT professional?

A New Look

I decided to go with a new look to the site today.  The old theme I was using was two years old, and had too much blue in it.  It also didn’t take advantage of a lot of the widget features available in newer versions of WordPress.  So, it is time for a refresh.

Hope you like it.

White House – Open for Questions

Ok, I need to go rogue here for a minute…

Have you seen the latest technological experiment the Obama administration is trying this week?  When I first saw this, I was strangely excited.  I’m not usually big on politics, but I’ve got to admit that I’m impressed by how much the Obama administration is reaching out to the public for input.  It’s becoming increasingly harder to be apathetic about the direction this country is going — and that’s a good thing!

So, have you asked your question yet?