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Reading about HTML5

I just picked up the Lawson/Sharp book Introducing HTML5 (Voices that Matter) and, so far, I like what I’ve read.  The book is authored by a couple of developers (Lawson and Sharp) who can relate to the struggles that the rest of us have with regards to learning a new technology, and they write about the topic with pragmatism in mind.  They also lace the content with a wit that keeps you engaged and entertained in the material – a struggle sometimes when it comes to writing about language topics.

Introducing HTML5 It’s not often you’ll find “WTF” references in a technical book.

This is the second New Riders Voices That Matter book that I’ve purchased and have been pleased with (the other being Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards).  Whether its due to the author or the publisher, these books tend to do a good job presenting technical material in a fun way that makes you actually want to keep reading.

Hard to consider the idea of a page-turning technical book…

So if you’re interested in finding out about this new technology that is HTML5, I’d definitely recommend the Lawson/Sharp book.  Pick up a copy today.