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Microsoft Windows and ASP.NET Tutorial Sites

I’ve been a fan of the Microsoft’s ASP.NET site for a while now.  If you’re not familiar with it, the site contains an awesome amount of information and resources for ASP.NET developers.  One of my favorite features of this site is the Learning section, which contains a large number of tutorial videos covering a range of different technologies, tools and controls within the realm of ASP.NET development.  While the videos are not usually in-depth on any single topic, they do provide great introductory examples to help me get past a lot of my initial hurdles and start developing something to cater to my specific needs.

Today, I came across theWindows Forms and WPF equivalent of the ASP.NET site, and I was amazed that I hadn’t thought to look sooner.  This site has the same great information and resources I was used to seeing for ASP.NET.  And this site also has a large number of video tutorials, both catering to the traditional Windows Forms developers as well as those moving into the WPF space.

This site has already made its way onto my list of useful work resources.  Today’s video was a review on how to use the BackgroundWorker class to simplify multi-threading.