I Mock You (And I Don’t Even Know It)

I attended an Agile Iowa meeting for the first time June 15th (when I first started writing up this post…), and walked away with a head full of ideas and aspirations. But I had come with a purpose first and foremost. I was there to get some insight from other professionals on how to improve quality on my current project.

Toward the end, we talked extensively about various uses of TDD, all of which I had heard of, but only some of which I had used in development. But the idea of using mock objects really made an impact on me.

Which brings me to NMock, an interesting tool for incorporating mock objects into your unit and acceptance testing. So far, I’ve only had the chance to test out the introductory tutorial, and my impressions of it are mixed. A google search returns sites with different types of examples, some of which referring to objects I couldn’t find in the assembly for .NET 2.0. But the documentation on the download site looks pretty useful, once I have more time to read through it.

In the coming weeks, I hope to find more time to play around with it, and have more to say on the subject. Stay tuned…

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