A Show I Wish Were Picked Up

This morning, I was performing the occasional ritual of browsing through the blogs of people I don’t know, just to see what others are taking the time to write about. The cool thing with this is that, often times, the writer will link to somebody else’s blog, who will then link to yet another blog, etc. etc. and the chain continues.

So, this morning I came across a post about an un-aired WB pilot called “Nobody’s Watching” that was seeing a lot of popularity on YouTube. I watched the pilot and must say I really wish somebody would pick this up. Quoting the author of the aforementioned blog, “[The writers] come up with a sitcom that satires reality TV and the horrible state of the sitcom.” And I must agree, I was laughing out loud at several moments (and I don’t often laugh out loud to TV shows).

Check out this site to watch the un-aired pilot in its entirety.

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