Book Recommendation: Professional Team Foundation Server 2010

The latest addition to my technical book collection is Professional Team Foundation Server 2010. This is a “must have” book for anybody who is a TFS admin or even a Team Project admin.

I’m about two-thirds of the way through the book and I honestly can’t go more than one or two pages without finding some new tip or piece of information to try out in my own environment. The great strength of the book comes from the wealth of experience the authors drawn upon when discussing each of the topics.

The book itself takes a comprehensive look at the many aspects of Team Foundation Server, including version control, work item tracking, reporting, process templates, build, and administration. The administration content is extremely useful and the topic is given a full third of the book. For anybody who works in an enterprise environment or who has to deal with high availability and disaster recovery systems, you’ll be glad to see chapters devoted specifically to addressing these topics.

Lastly, for anybody interesting in pursuing the Microsoft certification for Team Foundation Server 2010 (exam 70-512), this has been touted as the unofficial training book.

2 thoughts on “Book Recommendation: Professional Team Foundation Server 2010

  1. Matt Post author

    @Ed Thank YOU for taking the time to co-write the book! I only wrote a few paragraphs here… 🙂

    Looking forward to picking up the next edition for TFS 11… ; )

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